Bridge that never sleeps

The Charles Bridge is decorated with 30 mostly Baroque statues, which have all been replaced by replicas. It was recently restored but this time they didn´t use tons of eggs to strenghten it as they did in the 14th century. Painters and jewellers sell their work there even in winter. There are hundreds of visitors all day long, so if you want to enjoy the views and take some pictures, come in the morning. Take your significant other here to see the most amazing daybreak ever.

karlov must


Refreshing water adventure

During spring this place is always full of people. We highly recommend a stroll along Naplavka for a great afternoon or evening chillout. Can you see the big boat near the railway bridge? Don´t hesitate and have a picnic on board of void Floating Gallery. Many events are organized on the deck where you can also find a bar and swings. Be sure to visit its sauna during winter and cool off by jumping into the river.

The most famous wall

Express yourself on the John Lennon Wall, used as a symbol of disagreement with the communist regime.  You can add your message to the world or just light a candle, sit quietly and reflect. Vaclav Havel´s bench was built in memory of the communist dissenter and first president of the Czech Republic. The concept of two seats and a round table with a tree growing in the middle is a symbol of a dialogue. 


The tournament is organized by FbŠ Bohemians with financial support of the City of Prague.