Report from 1st day of Prague Deaf Open 2016

fb (5)Yesterday it was a special day in Sports hall Děkanka, where the tournament for deaf and hard of hearing floorball players began. Teams from Czech Republic, Finland and Switzerland started to compete for the first trophy of Prague Deaf Open tournament ever. Home team FbŠ Bohemians hosted Finnish team Hero Helsinki in the opening and it turned out that the first match was tightest one on the Fridays schedule. Guys from Scandinavia took their first victory with 7:4. FC Kladenska Florida scored 10 times against Prague Women team, which was struggling good but not accurate enough to score. VIP team defeated ProSkill where majority of the team represent female players and they surprised more dominant opposite team with four nice goals. The result in the end was 10:4. The last match of the day belonged to Swiss team SGV Zurich and FbC Snakes Brno. Brno surprisingly easily defeated Zurich 10:1 and announced a hard fight for the gold. 13340633_10206715667796464_112996808_oFor the closing of the day we took our place at Mercuria Lasergame where we finished the first day with the team deathmatch in a little bit different game.