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Hero Helsinki are the first winners of Prague Deaf Open

Final day of Prague Deaf Open served with 4 interesting matches for the spectators: Morning started with the match between Prague Women and ProSkill. Teams were very motivated to get their first win in the tournament. Also we could see two matches, where teams met already in the group classifications – Snakes Brno vs. VIP Team and Hero Helsinki vs. Bohemians. A lot of tension was in the game between Swiss team and Kladenska Florida and we could saw a big tournaround in the favour to the Czech team.

13413545_288391821504597_24469092194697822_nThe first game started a little sleepily and with the slight domination of Prague Women team. ProSkil started to play better and catch the score but they woke up to late so they end up without the win on the tournament.

13340099_287907344886378_9023946530246189872_oPrague Women – ProSkill 3:2

VIP Team was determined to return Snakes Brno for the tight loss in the group match, but they couldnt put the ball behind the moody goalkeeper. They lost a lot of energy with dealing how to score on the other side Brno took advantage and scored 10 goals.

13323198_287905258219920_8215744143228144223_oVIP Team – FbC Snakes Brno 2:10

In the final match of second division it was somehow clear that Zurich will surprisnigly easily win the match against FC Kladenska Florida. But the Czech team didnt give up and slowly catch Swiss team – they also made +2 lead. In the end of the game Zurich scored so they made a big pressure to the opposite goal in the end but they failed to score.

13350258_287906394886473_2693433348824361355_oFC Kladenska Florida – GSV Zurich 6:5

Finnish and the host team met already in the opening of the tournament on Friday where the team from Finland won 7:4. As it turned out the same teams have also finished the tournament program. It was pretty hard game where Bohemians were a little more dominant and more accurate. In the normal 2x20min time Bohemians should win the tournament, but in the extended -3x20min – „big final“ they didnt have enough energy so Hero Helsinki scored 3 important goals for the win.

13340111_287907091553070_9142534884898992944_oHero Helsinki – FbŠ Bohemians 8:7

For the closure we can say that the tournament was more than successful and we hope that also the participants enjoyed their stay in Prague. There is a lot of new things that we learned during the whole organisation so we will work on the details that will make your stay next year even better.

See you on Prague Deaf Open 2017 :)

foto: Otakar Prášek

Report from 2nd day of Prague Deaf Open

124 goals in 12 matches is the statistics for the second day at Prague Deaf Open tournament where the teams had each 3 matches during the whole day.

13316880_10154885202724746_7692677222180876795_o Three wins in a row for FbŠ Bohemians and Hero Helsinki assured them to play in the final match on Sunday. Match for the bronze goes to VIP Team and FbC Snakes Brno who were already playing against each oter, so we can expect really interesting match after a tight first match. Story is going to repeat also in the final match. Finnish team and the host team played Friday opening match where Hero Helsinki won 7:4. Spectators have seen a lot of good and tight matches. Swiss team from Zurich was struggling untill the end and almost surprised VIP Team, Hero Helsinki had a big problem playing against FC Kladenska Florida who had the win in their pockets but lost in the last minutes of the game. Derby between teams Snakes Brno and Bohemians ended up after shootout series. After the matches we had a nice relaxed evening in Jampa Dampa music bar in the centre of Prague.13329483_10154885205359746_6510184721178266451_o

Report from 1st day of Prague Deaf Open 2016

fb (5)Yesterday it was a special day in Sports hall Děkanka, where the tournament for deaf and hard of hearing floorball players began. Teams from Czech Republic, Finland and Switzerland started to compete for the first trophy of Prague Deaf Open tournament ever. Home team FbŠ Bohemians hosted Finnish team Hero Helsinki in the opening and it turned out that the first match was tightest one on the Fridays schedule. Guys from Scandinavia took their first victory with 7:4. FC Kladenska Florida scored 10 times against Prague Women team, which was struggling good but not accurate enough to score. VIP team defeated ProSkill where majority of the team represent female players and they surprised more dominant opposite team with four nice goals. The result in the end was 10:4. The last match of the day belonged to Swiss team SGV Zurich and FbC Snakes Brno. Brno surprisingly easily defeated Zurich 10:1 and announced a hard fight for the gold. 13340633_10206715667796464_112996808_oFor the closing of the day we took our place at Mercuria Lasergame where we finished the first day with the team deathmatch in a little bit different game.

Agentura Aldea is helping us to communicate

Agency Aldea is a member of the Society for Education and Youth ČSVTS. For the tournament Prague Deaf Open Aldea they helped us with finding volunteers who are going to help us to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing participants during the tournament.


What do they offer?
Education Agency Aldea is a business association founded in 1995 and specializes in adult education and youth Czech sign language learning and teaching. It provides sign language classes for begginers and advanced students of medical and social science, officials, parents of deaf children etc. The courses are intended to teaching groups or individuals according to specific customer requirements and objectives. They also offer the professional organization of conferences, seminars and courses.