System and rules

Game rules

The tournament will be played according to the rules of the IFF. All players are restricted of using hearing aids throughout the match. Violation of any rule will result in a win in favor of the opponent.

Game system

Teams will be divided into groups with the round robin game system. According to their ranking in the group they will play elimination system untill the final. After the round robin group ranking each team will play at least one more match.

Tournament jury

Martin Musil
Jakub Doubrava
Tomáš Grigar

Match schedule and playing time

The organisers have the right to change the published match schedule. In such a case a notice will be given to each team leader affected by the change.

The men's elite category:
The match time in the group system and in the playoff will be 2x20 minutes (+5 minute break)
The final game will be played 3x20 minutes (+10 minute break)

The men's open category:
The match time in the group system and in the playoff will be 2x15 minutes (+5 minute break)
The final game will be played 2x20 minutes (+10 minute break)

*the organizer reserves the rights to combine categories in case of a low number of applications.


Victory in a group matches gives 3 points, draw 1 point and lost game 0 points. If two or more teams reach the same amount of points after the group matches they will be ranked according the next factors:

- the amount of points reached in mutual direct matches
- the score difference reached in mutual direct matches
- the total amount of scored goals in mutual direct matches
- the total score difference
- the total amount of scored goals
- lot

A draw in the eliminating matches is followed by: 

- 3 penalty shots
- penalty sudden death

Walk over

The maximum waiting time is 10 minutes, after that the default result will be 0:5. Any team missing two matches due to the walk over will be excluded from the tournament and all played matches annulled.


Every player is taking part in the tournament on his own risk. The participants are not insured by the organizer. Every team leader has to make sure that every participant is insured both off and on the field.


Any player can take part only in one team during the entire tournament. Players born in a year 2000 or older can participate on the tournament. The organizer has a right to grant younger players participation. The application for the exemtions with the proper reasons should be sent to

The exculsion of the player automatically leads to disqualification untill the end of the match. If violating of the rules continues the player is automaticaly disqualified from the tournament.


In case the referees decide that one team should change shirts due to the similarity of the opponents coloures the team listed as away team in the official match schedule is obliged to change.


First three teams will be awarded with diplomas and medals (max. 20 per team).

We will also announce the all star team in each category.

The tournament is organized by FbŠ Bohemians with financial support of the City of Prague.